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Muriel Librati

About Muriel Librati

Detains a law degree from the University of Montreal as well as a Bachelors and Masters degree in Public Administration from the University of Concordia.

Muriel Librati was born in Montreal , March 1967. She detains a law degree from the University of Montreal as well as a Bachelors and Masters degree in Public Administrations from the University of Concordia. She is a member of the Quebec Bar Association.

She specializes in Family law and Civil Litigation. She is an advocate of mediation, negotiations and settlement conferences, however when the latter fails her sharp litigation skills are put into force to obtain her client's best interest.

Over the past 25 years, legislation has significantly reformed personal and family law. These laws continue to evolve in order to respond to the sociological realities of Quebec's families. As a lawyer specializing in family law my focus and interest is that of the client and personalized service I offer to inform and advise clients as to the best course of action weather it be mediation or litigation.

I cover every legal issue that may either substantially or remotely affect the individual, including marriage annulment, separation, divorce, child custody, and recognition of paternity including fiscal and estate planning. I listen, inform and advise, seeking the appropriate solution for each situation. Ultimately, I am committed to serving my clients, with the greatest respect for his or her rights.

Below are the areas of services that i offer:

  • Divorce, separation and marriage annulment procedures (evaluation and partition of family patrimony, matrimonial regimes and pension plans)

  • Drafting of accessory measures agreements relating to divorce and separation from bed and board

  • Child custody and child support payments

  • Adoption

  • Spousal alimentary support

  • Representation of children before the courts

  • Applications to confirm parental authority

  • Actions involving recognition of paternity

  • Representation of common-law spouses

  • Negotiations

  • Civil Litigation